MD-HC Four layer eight lines bottom sealing bag making machine

MD-HC Four layer eight lines bottom sealing bag making machine
  1. Four-layer,eight line,bottom sealing bag making machine has such functions as photoelectric automatic tracking microcomputer length setting, high limit stopping, automatic counting, automatic alarm on reaching the set value. high compensation accuracy with such characteristics as neatbags, little error and high automatic of whole machine, so it is a kind of ideal equipment for producing blank bags, color bags, flat bags and vest bags .and other various plastic soft packing bags.
  2. Standard equipment

Relay, electromagnetic valve ,step motor, transducer, computer control system, cylinder, inverter, temperature controller, color patch photoelectric ,heating system, button switch, dc motor, approach switch, temperature system


Model of Machine MD-HC650B MD-HC850B MD-HC1000B
Max. cutting Width 220X8mm 320X8mm 420X8mm
Max. cutting Length 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm
Thickness 0.009-0.1mm 0.009-0.1mm 0.009-0.1mm
Speed 20-100pcs/min 20-100pcs/min 20-100pcs/min
Driving Motor 1.5KW 2.2KW 2.2KW
Overall Power 7.5KW 8.5KW 9.5KW
Weight of Overall 1100KG 1300KG 1600KG
Overall Dimensions 5000X1500X2000mm 5000X1700X2000MM 5000X1800X2000MM
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